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Our goal at Leopard Aviation is to provide the best flight instruction in the newest, safest, most technologically advanced training aircraft around.  Our friendly flight instructors will tailor a training program to fit your needs and your schedule so you can accomplish your aviation goals as quickly as possible.  We fly Cessna 172S Skyhawks with Garmin G1000 avionics.  The Skyhawk is one of the most forgiving airplanes to fly which makes it a pleasure to learn in.  Learning to fly can be a challenge which is why one of our guiding principles is "Flying is fun, learning to fly should be too."


That means doing what is in the best interests of the student at all times.  We focus on being efficient with your time and resources, providing clear guidance and strategy to success, and reducing the frustration and stresses that can develop with flight training.  We believe anyone can learn to fly and that there are no bad students, only bad instructors.  That's why we take pride in our students' successes.  Whether you are a weekend flyer or you have dreams of becoming an airline pilot, we are here to help.

"I can't recommend Leopard Aviation enough! Leopard is family owned and you can tell the Noons all have a passion for aviation and just want to share their passion with others. What I love about Leopard as opposed to other flight schools is the atmosphere and culture here is all about the students and helping the students earn their licenses.

The instructors go above and beyond and are all very knowledgeable. I personally fly with Devin but I have taken some lessons with his brother Coltin as well. They both demonstrate vast ground knowledge regarding all aspects of aviation and the industry in general. Devin has been my instructor since the beginning of my aviation journey and now he instructs my sister too! He always makes me feel confident in my abilities when flying and comfortable learning new techniques and procedures. My path is a little different than some, as I am not going to get all my licenses, but he still prioritizes me as a student." 

- Ashleigh F.

"The instruction at Leopard is of the highest quality. Every lesson my instructor was completely keyed in on what I needed in order to advance my proficiency and prepare for my check ride. After lessons he created a plan for what I should focus on leading into the next flight in order to grow as a pilot. The instructors at Leopard care about their students and work beyond the expectation to make sure that you succeed. The front office is transparent and welcoming; they are always down to chat plane talk if you show up early. I would highly recommend Leopard Aviation if you want the best flight school experience possible."

- Matt E.

"I am a Gulf War Veteran and I am currently a Captain for United Airlines with over 30 years of flying. My daughters are pursuing a career in aviation and Devin Motley is an instructor I highly recommend. I observed several lessons from the back of the Cessna 172 and witnessed Devin teaching my daughter private pilot maneuvers and landings. I was thoroughly impressed with his wealth of knowledge and his instruction. Devin demonstrated a calm, collected, and confident demeanor while instructing, which is crucial for training a private pilot in my opinion. I have full confidence in Devin's ability as an instructor at Leopard Aviation."

Jeff F.

"Absolutely loved Leopard Aviation. My instructor Colton was a great instructor and hopefully will continue to be my instructor. I would highly recommend Leopard to anyone looking to fly regardless of skill level. Great environment, fantastic planes, unmatched professionalism, and perfect flight lessons. 12/10 experience."

-Joey S.

"I am currently a private pilot and I recently decided to work towards my instrument rating. My instructor that I trained with for PPL moved to a different state, so I decided to look for a new flight instructor in my area (Scottsdale, AZ). My sister had trained with Devin Motley for her PPL last year so I decided to take an intro lesson with Devin. Devin demonstrates an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of General Aviation and Commercial Aviation. He is kind and supportive when teaching, and makes you feel 100% comfortable when learning the new concepts and procedures of Instrument Flying. I look forward to every lesson at Leopard, due to the incredible instructors, the brand-new Cessna 172 planes, and the friendly owners of Leopard Aviation. The planes provided are brand-new and equipped with the latest G1000 glass cockpits. I am so happy to be training with Devin Motley for my IFR rating and I highly recommend flight training at Leopard Aviation."

- Courtney F.

"As an active pilot at United Airlines, I wanted the best instruction I could find in the Scottsdale area, with the latest equipment for my two sons to learn to fly. The new Cessna 172's with Garmin 1000 avionics still have that new airplane smell, and are pristine. I rode back seat for one of my son's lessons, watching Colton instruct. With over 17,000 of instructor time myself in the 747, F-16, and F-117, I was quite impressed with his knowledge and particularly his teaching style."

- Greg S.

"Awesome crew they got at Leopard Aviation. Owner is awesome, flight instructions are phenomenal, and flying brand new C172’s fresh out the factory!"

- Jonathan P.

"I chose Leopard Aviation to continue my journey for my Instrument Rating and mainly for the fact my former CFI, who now flies for the airlines told me great things about Devin and his brother Colton and that they would be a great fit for me and as usual he was right. These guys are great, easy to connect with, great to learn from. I was also introduced to the owners, and all I can say is outstanding, friendly and professional. Thanks Tom and Eric. The planes are top quality brand new planes with the Garmin G-1000. You would be making the right decision to check out Leopard Aviation."

- Robert C.

"I'm glad to have found a flight school that is providing me with the high quality instruction that I need and have been searching for. I fly with Coltin Motley, and I can't say enough how great he is as a Flight Instructor. Also, the aircraft at Leopard are new Cessna 172's and are always well maintained. The G1000 glass cockpits are great for learning Instrument flying. Throughout my flight training so far, I have flown with a few different flight schools, and I believe that Leopard provides the best instruction for me. I definitely recommend this place to others looking for a quality flight school."

- John S.

"I'm recently retired and have been wanting to take flying lessons for many years. I visited and contacted several area flight schools. I chose Leopard Aviation. Their new planes have the most up to date avionics. With my very limited experience I'm learning at a pace I'm comfortable with.

My flight instructor Devin and the entire staff @ Leopard provide a safe learning environment. Each week I have gained confidence in my abilities to move to the next skill set. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to fly."

- Mark O.

"Right from the start I felt comfortable and welcomed. I was feeling nervous at first, but right when we started I felt encouraged to try my best and learn along the way. I received great instruction without there being to much added pressure on myself. I can tell that at Leopard Aviation they care a lot about the individual and their learning/flying experience."

- Jacob L.

"Great little school. Professional, experienced instructors who are also talented teachers. Brand new plane with up to date avionics. I've really enjoyed my time here so far. Instructor Devin is great, highly recommend."

- Jesse H.

Path To The Airlines

Private Pilot License

Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  • Log at least 40 hours flight time
  • 20 hours dual instruction
  • 10 solo flight hours

Learn more about the Private Pilot License

Instrument Rating

Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  • 50 hours of cross-country as pilot in command
  • 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument flight time
  • 15 hours of simulated or actual instrument time with an instructor

Learn more about the Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  • 250 hours of total flight time
  • 100 hours as pilot in command time

Learn more about the Commercial Pilot License

Certified Flight Instructor

Optional.  Becoming a CFI is a great way to earn the hours necessary to earn your Airline Transport Pilot certificate, but there are other ways.  Other options include flying corporate or charter, or various other jobs like ferrying airplanes, banner towing or flying scenic tours.  

Learn more about becoming a CFI

Commercial Multi-Engine Rating

Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  • 250 hours total time
  • 100 hours pilot in command time
  • 10 hours of training in a multiengine complex or turbine-powered airplane
  • 5 hours of instrument training in a multiengine airplane
  • Instructor endorsement for flight and ground training

Learn more about the multi-engine rating

Airline Transport Pilot

Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  • 1500 hours of total flight time
  • 500 hours of cross-country flight time
  • 100 hours of night flight time
  • 75 hours of instrument flight time
  • 250 hours acting as the pilot in command

Learn to fly at one of our two great locations!

Scottsdale, AZ (KSDL)
14700 N Airport Dr, Ste 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mesa, AZ (Falcon Field - KFFZ)
4636 E Fighter Aces Dr
Mesa, AZ 85215

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